Jessi + Jonny’s New Orleans Wedding | April 16, 2016

I’ve been lucky enough in my life to travel and see some amazing places, to live some even more amazing places and have friends in all of those places. One place that comes in right at the top is New Orleans, La. Over the past 5 years I’ve been able to go there 6 times and make some of the best friends. This past trip was special because two of those friends got married. I’ve known Jonny for 5 years now. I’ve gotten to see his band, The No Shows, a super fun ska punk band, watched the Saints win and lose at various bars and eat some of the best food I’ve had in my life. Jessi I’ve known for a shorter period of time but she made just as big of an impact. She is so sweet, caring and full of love for Jonny, her friends, her cats, dog and her yarn. Being included not only as a photographer but as a friend in their crawfish boil rehearsal at their house, put on by our friend Billy of Billy Bone Seafood Catering (best crawfish I’ve ever had!!), and wedding was heartwarming and so very special. The thing that meant most to this couple was that so many friends were included and added their talents to their day.

The wedding itself was such a fun day. We met up at The Columns Hotel. The Columns is a historic hotel located in the Upper Garden District (one of my favorite areas) surrounded by picturesque homes, huge trees and the feeling that you’ve gone back in time. And, having been built in 1883, you really have. The walls are covered in ornate wall paper and rich colors, the windows, draped in heavy tapestry. There was even a jazz band playing downstairs and the music traveled up the stairs and into their rooms where they were getting ready. However, with every wedding you will face a challenge, ours was photos. We were promised the grounds but they were accommodating another wedding. So, with some quick thinking we decided to head to Audubon Park. A short drive later and it ended up being a great backdrop, with moss covered trees, a fountain in the lake, what more could you ask for.

The wedding and reception were held at the Napoleon House in the French Quarter. I will end up sounding like a broken record but, it is a historic place. It is hard to find places in New Orleans that aren’t historic and absolutely stunning. The Napoleon house has an interesting history, being the Mayor’s house from 1812-1815 he then offered it to Napoleon as a refuge in 1821 during his exile. It has “French Quarter” written all over it from it’s balconies to exquisite decor inside. It offered a uniquely New Orleans feel for Jessi and Jonny’s short but emotional ceremony and party of a reception. I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Vendor Information:

Brides Dress Brand: “Serenity” 
Brides Shoe Brand: Vera Wang (They were my “something borrowed” from my bridesmaid Kristy)
Grooms Tux Brand: Kenneth Cole
Shoes: NXXT
Florist: Marsha Biguenet, Linda Boney and Jessi Boney crocheted all the flowers and Katie Little made beaded flowers.
DJ/Band: Leah Rucker 
Event Planner: N/A
Printers: John Boney designed and printed our invitations. The buildings on the front are our house (complete with our cats sitting on the fence), the Napoleon House and various french quarter buildings.
2nd Shooter: Caitlyn Ridenour

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