Atara + Jacob’s NYC City Hall Wedding | March 11, 2016

First of all Atara and Jacob were awesome! We were scheduled for only a short time on March 11th as they were having a City Hall Wedding. Of course, like any wedding, things ran late. I showed up and Atara had just under half of her make up completed. We were supposed to leave as soon as I showed up to do portraits but I took the opportunity to add in some bride and groom preparation photos, which I absolutely love doing. This also gave us a chance to chat and me a quick understanding of snapchat as Jacob used it to capture the day. I was so amazed by how stunning Atara’s Elizabeth James dress was. It was super “on trend” being short with the added bonus of feathers. She paired the dress with blush colored Christian Louboutin heels. Jacob was also all dressed up in a custom made suit, his favorite boots and, who can beat an ascot!

Once the make up was done, the dress and suit were on and everything was packed into the car we made a mad dash, as everyone was already at City Hall in Manhattan, to a small alley to take some quick portraits before heading over the Brooklyn Bridge and into lower Manhattan to the city clerks office for the wedding. When they walked inside they were welcomed by friends and family, 30 to be exact, which is the largest turnout I’ve seen for a City Hall wedding. Everyone was so excited to be there and to just hang out and mingle while the couple waited for their number to be called. Finally “C697” flashed up on the TV and everyone excitedly filed into the small room where the officiant presided over their wedding. There was a cheer and clapping as they held their marriage certificate and tons of hugs all around.

After that, it was off to Prime Cut in the Financial District for sliders, sandwiches, sushi and drinks. Then off to Park Slope, Brooklyn for a few last photos. All in All a perfect wedding day!

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