Kristina + Frank’s New Jersey Wedding | January 16, 201

Excitement can not begin to explain how I feel about Kristina and Frank’s wedding. The beautiful bride was out of town for a very long time prior to the wedding so I was very in the dark about how it was all going to go, I never even got to meet with them before. When I got to the Hampton Inn in Clifton, NJ I was welcomed in like a friend and there was never a feeling that we hadn’t met. Everyone was so warm, excited, happy and of course, a little hectic because that’s how weddings are. Kristina already had her hair and make up done and looked stunning. The girls were wearing super comfy slippers and helping with the final little details for the reception. After she got her stunning dress on and the final touch ups were done we headed off to Saint Mary’s Church in Hackettstown, NJ. Frank and the boys were the first to arrive so I got the chance to meet everyone and hang out. My 2nd Shooter, Matt had been with them the entire morning and they were a great group.

As soon as Kristina arrived it was down to business, the first order being the first look of course. The two had already been married in Vegas but this was the “real” wedding. This was Frank’s first time seeing his bride in her dress and the reaction on both of their faces was priceless and, worthy of a shot of Jameson which they did!

The ceremony was traditional, classic and full of smiles and TONS of laughs. Their wonderful Deacon who performed the wedding had an incredible New Jersey accent which resulted in “Kristina” turning into “Kristiner” and that turned into the not-so-inside joke for the rest of the day. He may have also gotten a little lost in the middle but it just added to the light heartedness of the entire celebration.

The Reception was held at The Williows Restaurant and Catering which I soon learned had special meaning to the couple as both of them had worked there as well as Frank’s father. The father of the groom even spruced up the gazebo so the photos would look extra great. The reception was so cool (sorry, I can’t come up with a better way to say it). Frank serenaded Kristina with “January Wedding” by the Avett Brothers, which was the whole reason they got married in January, their friends serenaded everyone and there was even a little karaoke by the kiddos. Also, as a side note, the Avett Brothers are one of my favorite bands so I sang along and even took a little cell phone video of it. Thank you Kristina and Frank for having such a perfect January Wedding.


First Dance Song: “Trainwreck” by Old 97s
“Your Song”: “January wedding”
                          by The Avett Brothers.
Brides Dress Brand: Allure #9212
 (*side note from bride– These people were amazing! They were courteous, helpful, and professional. Also alterations were a flat rate of $450 in house, no matter the gown! Their seamstress is simply amazing. She fitted & altered my full-lace dress within the 9 days I had between returning from my trip and the wedding date all with a smile!)
Brides Shoe Brand: Touch-ups by Benjamin Walk                                   
(*side note from bride — my shoes cost only $90 and were chosen from the “comfort shoes” section. The reason they look so amazing is bc the store owner is a genuine shoe craftsman. He hand-mixes dye for the bridesmaid shoes based on a color swatch, so they match perfectly. He also does any hand painting on soles, like words “i do” or red color.)
Bridesmaids Dresses: Dessy Group 

Grooms Tux Brand: Calvin Klein
Groomsmen Tux Brand: Calvin Klein
Make Up Artist: “Pin-ups & Pouts”
Hair Stylist: “Pin-up & Pouts”
2nd Shooter: Matthew Chimera

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