Brittany + Derone’s Long Island, NY Wedding | August 30, 2015

Brittany and Derone were pure fun, there was not a moment that was left void of laughter or smiles. I began the day at Brittany’s family home. She was showered in love, praise and affection from every corner and it was deserved, she is truly beautiful inside and out. Derone decided to show up at Bridal Prep, which was not the plan! But, it gave me a chance to meet him and see that he was gonna be a problem (in a good way) the rest of the day. He just wanted to have fun. The ceremony was held at Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle. It was a sprawling church with room for everyone and then some. The ceremony itself was personal, sweet, filled with God, faith, love and the couple. The church was simply decorated but between Brittany’s dress, Derone’s shoes and the bridal parties shoes, there was color, glamour, and style to spare. Majestic Gardens, in Rocky Point, NY was a different story though. They had that place oozing with style. And as soon as we got there, it was time to party. Well, after some quick family photos. The couple was so amped to get it started that they postponed the couple portraits till after dark, which I think, turned out for the best! This was such an awesome party and I’m so excited that I was a part of it. Brittany+Derone-1 Brittany+Derone-103 Brittany+Derone-102 Brittany+Derone-101 Brittany+Derone-100 Brittany+Derone-99 Brittany+Derone-98 Brittany+Derone-97 Brittany+Derone-96 Brittany+Derone-95 Brittany+Derone-94 Brittany+Derone-93 Brittany+Derone-92 Brittany+Derone-91 Brittany+Derone-90 Brittany+Derone-89 Brittany+Derone-88 Brittany+Derone-87 Brittany+Derone-86 Brittany+Derone-85 Brittany+Derone-84 Brittany+Derone-83 Brittany+Derone-82 Brittany+Derone-81 Brittany+Derone-80 Brittany+Derone-79 Brittany+Derone-78 Brittany+Derone-77 Brittany+Derone-76 Brittany+Derone-75 Brittany+Derone-74 Brittany+Derone-73 Brittany+Derone-72 Brittany+Derone-71 Brittany+Derone-70 Brittany+Derone-69 Brittany+Derone-68 Brittany+Derone-67 Brittany+Derone-66 Brittany+Derone-65 Brittany+Derone-64 Brittany+Derone-63 Brittany+Derone-62 Brittany+Derone-61 Brittany+Derone-60 Brittany+Derone-59 Brittany+Derone-58 Brittany+Derone-57 Brittany+Derone-56 Brittany+Derone-55 Brittany+Derone-54 Brittany+Derone-53 Brittany+Derone-52 Brittany+Derone-51 Brittany+Derone-50 Brittany+Derone-49 Brittany+Derone-48 Brittany+Derone-47 Brittany+Derone-46 Brittany+Derone-45 Brittany+Derone-44 Brittany+Derone-43 Brittany+Derone-42 Brittany+Derone-41 Brittany+Derone-40 Brittany+Derone-39 Brittany+Derone-38 Brittany+Derone-37 Brittany+Derone-36 Brittany+Derone-35 Brittany+Derone-34 Brittany+Derone-33 Brittany+Derone-32 Brittany+Derone-31 Brittany+Derone-30 Brittany+Derone-29 Brittany+Derone-28 Brittany+Derone-27 Brittany+Derone-26 Brittany+Derone-25 Brittany+Derone-24 Brittany+Derone-23 Brittany+Derone-22 Brittany+Derone-21 Brittany+Derone-20 Brittany+Derone-19 Brittany+Derone-18 Brittany+Derone-17 Brittany+Derone-16 Brittany+Derone-15 Brittany+Derone-14 Brittany+Derone-13 Brittany+Derone-12 Brittany+Derone-11 Brittany+Derone-10 Brittany+Derone-9 Brittany+Derone-8 Brittany+Derone-7 Brittany+Derone-6 Brittany+Derone-5 Brittany+Derone-4 Brittany+Derone-3 Brittany+Derone-2

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