Caroline + Doug’s New York City Wedding | August 1, 2015

Caroline and Doug were a special couple. These two just wanted to have their wedding, for them. They didn’t want any fuss or pomp and circumstance, they just wanted to be together and that was evident throughout their day. I began my day at the Columbia University Faculty House with Caroline and her Bridesmaids. She wasn’t one to want a ton of bridal prep shots, photos of her getting her make up put on, dress, shoes; everything was complete when I got there. All she wanted was time with her friends and to become the wife to Doug. We headed out on a very warm day to an even more warm, actually, down right hot Holy Name Church on W 96th St. in New York City. I was immediately taken aback. The idea that structures like this one exist in the hustle and bustle of the City astounds me. It’s large red wooden doors and stone exterior led into a story book European catholic cathedral with the most beautiful gothic wood ceiling. But, within all of that you were drawn directly to their couple and their small wedding felt full in a church that size, just with love. After a wonderful ceremony we moved quickly to Central Park with congratulations all around from the people enjoying a perfect summer day in the retreat that is the park. Caroline and Doug were anxious to get back to Columbia so we got the photos of the bridal party then spent a little extra time with just the two of them taking a few photos where Doug proposed. It was a fun time in the limo ride back to columbia where they were finally able to relax and joke and be together, well, with me, the constant third wheel wedding photographer. The rest of the day and into the evening was spent at Columbia University with friends and family, dancing, laughing and eating really delicious food!

Caroline+Doug-1 Caroline+Doug-2 Caroline+Doug-3 Caroline+Doug-4 Caroline+Doug-5 Caroline+Doug-6 Caroline+Doug-7 Caroline+Doug-8 Caroline+Doug-9 Caroline+Doug-10 Caroline+Doug-11 Caroline+Doug-12 Caroline+Doug-13 Caroline+Doug-14 Caroline+Doug-15 Caroline+Doug-16 Caroline+Doug-17 Caroline+Doug-18 Caroline+Doug-19 Caroline+Doug-20 Caroline+Doug-21 Caroline+Doug-22 Caroline+Doug-23 Caroline+Doug-24 Caroline+Doug-25 Caroline+Doug-26 Caroline+Doug-27 Caroline+Doug-28 Caroline+Doug-29 Caroline+Doug-30 Caroline+Doug-31 Caroline+Doug-32 Caroline+Doug-33 Caroline+Doug-34 Caroline+Doug-35 Caroline+Doug-36 Caroline+Doug-37 Caroline+Doug-38 Caroline+Doug-39 Caroline+Doug-40 Caroline+Doug-41 Caroline+Doug-42 Caroline+Doug-43 Caroline+Doug-44 Caroline+Doug-45 Caroline+Doug-46 Caroline+Doug-47 Caroline+Doug-48 Caroline+Doug-49 Caroline+Doug-50 Caroline+Doug-51 Caroline+Doug-52 Caroline+Doug-53 Caroline+Doug-54 Caroline+Doug-55 Caroline+Doug-56 Caroline+Doug-57 Caroline+Doug-58 Caroline+Doug-59 Caroline+Doug-60 Caroline+Doug-61 Caroline+Doug-62 Caroline+Doug-63 Caroline+Doug-64 Caroline+Doug-65 Caroline+Doug-66 Caroline+Doug-67 Caroline+Doug-68 Caroline+Doug-69 Caroline+Doug-70 Caroline+Doug-71 Caroline+Doug-72 Caroline+Doug-73 Caroline+Doug-74 Caroline+Doug-75 Caroline+Doug-76 Caroline+Doug-77 Caroline+Doug-78 Caroline+Doug-79 Caroline+Doug-80 Caroline+Doug-81 Caroline+Doug-82 Caroline+Doug-83 Caroline+Doug-84 Caroline+Doug-85 Caroline+Doug-86 Caroline+Doug-87 Caroline+Doug-88 Caroline+Doug-89 Caroline+Doug-90 Caroline+Doug-91 Caroline+Doug-92 Caroline+Doug-93 Caroline+Doug-94 Caroline+Doug-95 Caroline+Doug-96 Caroline+Doug-97 Caroline+Doug-98 Caroline+Doug-99 Caroline+Doug-100 Caroline+Doug-101 Caroline+Doug-102 Caroline+Doug-103

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