Caroline + Zack’s Brooklyn, NY Rooftop Wedding | September 5, 2015

I can’t express how fun this wedding was; I mean, we did the portraits in a playground. I should have expected some funny seeing as how the groom is a comedian but, myself along with everyone in attendance was crying laughing during their beautiful rooftop wedding at Loft 172 in Brooklyn, NY. It wasn’t all just funny though. These two have the connection that we all dream of. They are so sweet and loving. Bridal Prep was a bunch of friends just hanging out. All the girls did their own make-up, and each others, and even acted as a wall, holding up the mirror for Caroline as she did her make-up. The guys spent their prep time getting ready, and getting the space ready as well, which was beautiful. Loft 172 was a perfect backdrop to this perfectly Brooklyn wedding.

Caroline+Zack_BPB-1 Caroline+Zack_BPB-2 Caroline+Zack_BPB-3 Caroline+Zack_BPB-4 Caroline+Zack_BPB-5 Caroline+Zack_BPB-6 Caroline+Zack_BPB-7 Caroline+Zack_BPB-8 Caroline+Zack_BPB-9 Caroline+Zack_BPB-10 Caroline+Zack_BPB-11 Caroline+Zack_BPB-12 Caroline+Zack_BPB-13 Caroline+Zack_BPB-14 Caroline+Zack_BPB-15 Caroline+Zack_BPB-16Caroline+Zack_GPB-1 Caroline+Zack_GPB-2 Caroline+Zack_GPB-3 Caroline+Zack_GPB-4 Caroline+Zack_GPB-5 Caroline+Zack_GPB-6 Caroline+Zack_GPB-7 Caroline+Zack_GPB-8Caroline+Zack_FLB-1 Caroline+Zack_FLB-2 Caroline+Zack_FLB-3 Caroline+Zack_FLB-4 Caroline+Zack_FLB-5 Caroline+Zack_FLB-6 Caroline+Zack_FLB-7 Caroline+Zack_FLB-8 Caroline+Zack_FLB-9Caroline+Zack_PB-1 Caroline+Zack_PB-2 Caroline+Zack_PB-3 Caroline+Zack_PB-4 Caroline+Zack_PB-5 Caroline+Zack_PB-6 Caroline+Zack_PB-7 Caroline+Zack_PB-8 Caroline+Zack_PB-9 Caroline+Zack_PB-10 Caroline+Zack_PB-11 Caroline+Zack_PB-12 Caroline+Zack_PB-13 Caroline+Zack_PB-14 Caroline+Zack_PB-15 Caroline+Zack_PB-16 Caroline+Zack_PB-17 Caroline+Zack_PB-18 Caroline+Zack_PB-19 Caroline+Zack_PB-20 Caroline+Zack_PB-21 Caroline+Zack_PB-22Caroline+Zack_CB-1 Caroline+Zack_CB-2 Caroline+Zack_CB-3 Caroline+Zack_CB-4 Caroline+Zack_CB-5 Caroline+Zack_CB-6 Caroline+Zack_CB-7 Caroline+Zack_CB-8 Caroline+Zack_CB-9 Caroline+Zack_CB-10 Caroline+Zack_CB-11 Caroline+Zack_CB-12 Caroline+Zack_CB-13 Caroline+Zack_CB-14 Caroline+Zack_CB-15 Caroline+Zack_CB-16 Caroline+Zack_CB-17 Caroline+Zack_CB-18Caroline+Zack_RB-1 Caroline+Zack_RB-2 Caroline+Zack_RB-3 Caroline+Zack_RB-4 Caroline+Zack_RB-5 Caroline+Zack_RB-6 Caroline+Zack_RB-7 Caroline+Zack_RB-8 Caroline+Zack_RB-9 Caroline+Zack_RB-10

First Dance Song: When 2 Become 1 by Spice Girls
Venue: Loft 172
Brides Dress Brand: Etsy shop Misdress
Brides Shoe Brand: Nine West 
Grooms Tux Brand: J.Crew
Shoes: Bolano 
Florist: Whole Foods
DJ: Friend
Event Planner: Friends
Caterer: Dos Toros
Jewels: my grandmother’s earrings
Favors: Marshmallows from Little Boo Boo Bakery
2nd Shooter: Miles Cole

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