Allen Hill Farm Wedding | June 27, 2015

On June 27th I ventured up to Allen Hill Farm in Brooklyn, Ct. to photograph a very personal wedding. It wasn’t personal for me, or personal necessarily in form, but the couple had poured their hearts and souls into it. Every single detail from the bouquets to the ceremony details to the reception had been made by them. They did a wonderful job putting their personality into every little thing and it made the whole day that much more special. I was so honored to shoot this as a part of the Dideo Films Photography team. Congrats you two!

Jessica+Brenden-94 Jessica+Brenden-93 Jessica+Brenden-92 Jessica+Brenden-91 Jessica+Brenden-90 Jessica+Brenden-89 Jessica+Brenden-88 Jessica+Brenden-87 Jessica+Brenden-86 Jessica+Brenden-85 Jessica+Brenden-84 Jessica+Brenden-83 Jessica+Brenden-82 Jessica+Brenden-81 Jessica+Brenden-80 Jessica+Brenden-79 Jessica+Brenden-78 Jessica+Brenden-77 Jessica+Brenden-76 Jessica+Brenden-75 Jessica+Brenden-74 Jessica+Brenden-73 Jessica+Brenden-72 Jessica+Brenden-71 Jessica+Brenden-70 Jessica+Brenden-69 Jessica+Brenden-67 Jessica+Brenden-66 Jessica+Brenden-65 Jessica+Brenden-64 Jessica+Brenden-63 Jessica+Brenden-62 Jessica+Brenden-61 Jessica+Brenden-60 Jessica+Brenden-59 Jessica+Brenden-58 Jessica+Brenden-57 Jessica+Brenden-56 Jessica+Brenden-55 Jessica+Brenden-54 Jessica+Brenden-53 Jessica+Brenden-52 Jessica+Brenden-51 Jessica+Brenden-50 Jessica+Brenden-49 Jessica+Brenden-48 Jessica+Brenden-46 Jessica+Brenden-45 Jessica+Brenden-44 Jessica+Brenden-43 Jessica+Brenden-42 Jessica+Brenden-41 Jessica+Brenden-40 Jessica+Brenden-39 Jessica+Brenden-38 Jessica+Brenden-37 Jessica+Brenden-36 Jessica+Brenden-35 Jessica+Brenden-34 Jessica+Brenden-33 Jessica+Brenden-32 Jessica+Brenden-30 Jessica+Brenden-29 Jessica+Brenden-28 Jessica+Brenden-27 Jessica+Brenden-25 Jessica+Brenden-23 Jessica+Brenden-22 Jessica+Brenden-21 Jessica+Brenden-20 Jessica+Brenden-19 Jessica+Brenden-18 Jessica+Brenden-17 Jessica+Brenden-16 Jessica+Brenden-15 Jessica+Brenden-13 Jessica+Brenden-12 Jessica+Brenden-10 Jessica+Brenden-9 Jessica+Brenden-8 Jessica+Brenden-7 Jessica+Brenden-6 Jessica+Brenden-5 Jessica+Brenden-3 Jessica+Brenden-2 Jessica+Brenden-1

One thought on “Allen Hill Farm Wedding | June 27, 2015

  1. Thank you Rebecca! You guys were totally incredible and we cherish every single shot we have. We had so much fun with you on our wedding day and your kind words mean so much!!! 😁❤


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