Friends Family Photos | July 18, 2015

I feel so lucky and privileged to call this family, friends. I watched their oldest boy grow up, watching him twice a week for the first 2 years of his life, and was there watching him the night that their new boy came into this world. They are raising two genuine goobers in the best sense of the word. We spent the morning of Saturday the 18th in Prospect Park catching up, and watching the oldest call all the geese, flamingos, I mean, why not. It was a truly wonderful morning. Shulman Family-1 Shulman Family-2 Shulman Family-3 Shulman Family-4 Shulman Family-5 Shulman Family-6 Shulman Family-7 Shulman Family-8 Shulman Family-9 Shulman Family-10 Shulman Family-11 Shulman Family-12 Shulman Family-13 Shulman Family-14 Shulman Family-15 Shulman Family-16 Shulman Family-17 Shulman Family-18 Shulman Family-19 Shulman Family-20 Shulman Family-21 Shulman Family-22 Shulman Family-23 Shulman Family-24 Shulman Family-25 Shulman Family-26 Shulman Family-27 Shulman Family-28 Shulman Family-29 Shulman Family-30 Shulman Family-31

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