Midcentury Bridal | Yellow House Collective

A while back I had the incredible pleasure of collaborating with some awesome people to create an amazing Bridal Editorial centered around Midcentury Modern style. Yellow House Collective in Brooklyn, NY opened up their doors to me and my crew and the looks are straight out of Mad Men with a modern twist.

RebeccaREvents_Bridal-1 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-2 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-3 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-4 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-5 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-6 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-7 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-8 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-9 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-10 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-11 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-12 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-13 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-14 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-15 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-16 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-17 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-18 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-19 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-20 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-21 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-22 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-23 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-24 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-25 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-26 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-27 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-28 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-29 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-30 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-31 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-32 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-33 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-34 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-35 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-36 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-37 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-38 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-39 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-40 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-41 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-42 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-43 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-44 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-45 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-46 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-47 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-48 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-49 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-50 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-51 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-52 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-53 RebeccaREvents_Bridal-54

Location/Prop Styling: Yellow House Collective  www.yellowhousecollective.com

Model: Sophie Baker

Stylist: Veronica Norris

Florist: Mc Nino Design and Floral Events www.mcninodesigns.com

Make Up Artist: Khadine Clarke www.khandineclarke.com

Hair Pieces: Lola and Madison www.lolaandmadison.com

Bella-Tiara  www.bella-tiara.com

Look 1: Vintage Dress by Oscar De La Renta, Mikimoto Pearl necklace and earrings, and vintage shoes by Halston, head peice by Lola and Madison
Look 2: Vintage 20s dress, Mikimoto pearl earrings, and vintage Joan Rivers necklace, and vintage Charles Jourdan shoes, head piece by Lola and Madison
Look 3: 1950s Christian Dior dress, vintage Givenchy earrings, vintage Joseff of Hollywood necklace and Betsey Johnson shoes, head piece by Lola and madison
Look 4: Vintage Mollie Parnis dress, vintage YSL earrings, and vintage Balenciaga shoes, head piece by Bella-Tiara
Look 5: 1960s Mary Quant dress, vintage Miriam Haskell earrings and Christian Louboutin shoes, head piece by Bella-Tiara

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