Cynthia + Christopher Engagement Session | June 22, 20

On June 22nd, my birthday, I took a nice drive to Allaire State Park in Wall Township, NJ to hang out with Cynthia and Christopher for their Engagement Session. They are so sweet and I really couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday then taking their photos. The park was beautiful full of trees, streams (which I got in to take photos, refreshing on a hot day), bridges and even an old train. They were so cute and full of smiles and laughter. I can’t express how excited I am to photograph their wedding in September.

Cynthia+Christopher Esession-5 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-271 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-227 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-219 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-204 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-192 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-186 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-162 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-145 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-129 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-109 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-106 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-76 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-66 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-59Cynthia+Christopher E_web-74 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-45 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-30 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-27 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-25 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-8 Cynthia+Christopher Esession-4

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