N + P’s Traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony | May 1, 2015

There truly was not a moment that wasn’t filled with smiles, hugs and laughter during this traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony that I photographed at The Garden City Hotel in Garden City, NY on May 1, 2015. The room was filled with vibrant colors, family (some of whom had flown in from Vietnam), friends, and ritual.

Nabilia+Phong TC_B-40 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-39 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-38 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-37 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-36 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-35 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-34 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-33 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-32 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-31 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-30 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-29 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-28 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-27 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-26 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-25 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-24 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-23 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-22 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-21 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-20 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-19 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-18 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-17 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-16 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-15 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-14 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-13 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-12 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-11 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-10 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-9 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-8 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-7 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-6 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-5 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-4 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-3 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-2 Nabilia+Phong TC_B-1

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